Premium Maintenance Service: Specialized preventive maintenance contracts.

Enter into a maintenance contract?

The maintenance contract is the winning choice of the customer to protect its investment . The maintenance contract done by competent and highly professional company is a guarantee of high quality. It aims to optimize power consumption , performance , maintain over time the investment in plant and maintain good working climate control systems to the customer by providing a plan of targeted interventions , to ensure superior comfort and reduce unexpected failures that deprive local cooling or heating, with a negative impact on the well-being of building occupants . Regular maintenance is essential for the management of a system of climatizzazione.Una improper maintenance , poor cleaning of filters or heat exchangers , cause an overload of the system and increasing energy expenditure . For example , an air conditioning system in operation for four years without any maintenance on the electronics or the poor cleaning of the filters , may involve the use of up to 50 % more energy compared to an other system.

The diagram shows the amount of energy risparmiabile with proper and adequate cleaning of the indoor units that allows you to maintain the initial high energy efficiency.

Maintenance specialist

Our efficient maintenance conforms to "5 - Maintenance and repair of the European Standard prEN378 -4 : 2003 " and ensures the optimal operation of the equipment with particular attention to energy efficiency , comfort , safety and respect for the environment , placing in response to the directive on the energy performance of buildings ( EPBD) which requires regular monitoring of air-conditioning systems by an independent and qualified specialist who will soon lead to maintenance and control as a mandatory requirement by law.

Contracts and maintenance activities including

In order to better meet the needs of its customers , we thought different Maintenance Contracts absolutely unique service and organization . Included in the annual fee of all contracts for the provision of register maintenance system in compliance with Presidential Decree 147 (EC Regulation no. 1005/2009 ) of the European Parliament on the fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Hygienic requirements for maintenance fi ? Lters air and antibacterial treatment of indoor units


To date there is no standard that defines the requirements for sanitary maintenance of air conditioning systems . In the absence of a specific rule that defines these hygiene requirements , Airclima carry out maintenance in accordance with the highest standards expected. Here are the planned operations .

Specialist visits

In the standard contract , there are two semi-annual visits Preventive Maintenance Program, which will be carried out within the framework of the activities described below .

Parameters and diagnostics

The technical specialist will by appropriate diagnostic instruments , verification of all operating parameters and its correctness. The activity report is an integral part of the documentation issued under the contract.

Routine maintenance specialist U.E.

Operations Preventive Maintenance Schedule will be as described below: • Checking the refrigerant charge
• Structural control of the outdoor unit
• Check refrigerant circuit connections to external drives
• Monitor status and cleaning of heat exchangers air / coolant and topping up no more than 10 % of the total content of the refrigerating circuit
• Check fan motor operation
• Check compressor features
• Verification of functionality reversing valve
• Verification of functionality solenoid valves
• Verify functionality of electronic expansion valves
• Checks feature detection temperature probes
• Checking and tightening the terminals of the power circuit and control circuit
• Fault Detector mass
• Checking and setting DIP rotary switches
• Monitoring inverter status box ( electronic cards )
• Check the operation of all indoor units
• Visual inspection of the "status " of the indoor units
• Check the operation of all control panels
• Visual inspection of the "status " of the control panels .

Routine maintenance specialist unit replacement air , heat recovery

• Verify the functional unit
• Visual inspection of the "status " of the unit
• Check the operation panel
• Visual inspection of the "status " of the control panel
• Check the command and control
• Check servo dampers
• Check engine intake and exhaust fans
• Check humidifiers
• Check batteries before and after heating .

Maintenance and antibacterial treatment for internal drives

The contract Preventive Maintenance Scheduled standard , are also carried out , the activities described below.

• Cleaning of heat exchangers air / coolant , if accessible side of the filter, with a specific bactericidal and anti-legionella
• Check the operation of all indoor units , GUF , LOSSNAY
• Visual inspection of the "status "
• Control circuit power control
• Control dispersions .